as many of you may know, this boy right here is Kellin Quinn. 

many words go around about him, some good things but also some very very bad. People say kellin is a bad person, they say “he has the voice of a girl”, they call him things like ‘stupid, gay, fag, etc. They say his music is meaningless, pathetic and stupid. 

I read this all over social networking sites every single day. and to keep it simple, it D I S G U S T S me. The things i read, about what people say about him, its just absoloutley horrible. 

He is genuine, he is pure, he’s so lovely and treats every person he meets like absolute royalty. He has such a unique voice, one that you only hear on the rarest occasion and its just pure beautiful. His lyrics are some of the most honest and true and personal lyrics ive ever read. They are so easy for so many people to relate to. Hes given thousands of dollars to charity to show his appreciation and support. He manages to surprise me more and more every single day. I honestly never relised how much people hang shit on him, until i read it all and i was shocked. He’s one of the most dedicated muso’s in the music industry. 

I met Kellin exactly a month ago today, and he surprised me a hell of alot. We had a conversation for a while, he made me laugh, he made sure i was okay( i had just been pulled out of a most pit ) and he told me i was absoloutley beautiful and sexy and to love myself. He is one of the sweetest, kindest, greatest people ive ever met in my life and i will forever have unlimited respect for him, until the day i die. I dont think ive ever been so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person like himself. 


I hope that i wont see all this horrible hate towards him anymore. For someone who gives all he can to help others, he deserves to be treated like the best thing in the world. He helps people through depression, anxiety, self harm, suicide. He S A V E S lives. 

if your ever thinking about hating on him, or anyone else for that matter. Do not say a W O R D . before you hear their entire story. 



over and out. 

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Posted on Monday, 1 April
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